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DAREFI was born….

Posted by Let G. on October 7, 2010

The DAR Employees Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit service oriented organization dedicated to provide healthcare, training, financial support and livelihood programs to the government employees and their families.

The Foundation was conceived and formed by its Founding Chairman, MS. VIOLETA M. BONILLA whose 11 years stint (the longest term) as President of the Department of Agrarian Reform Employees Association (DAREA) has relentlessly fought for the welfare and benefits of her constituents – the DAR employees. She envisioned for an organization that is dedicated to mobilize resources and create economic opportunities for the underprivileged and deserving government employees. Given the condition and experience, Ms Bonilla took the crucial step towards spearheading the efforts of organizing and establishing the Foundation together with her civic-spirited and civic-oriented co-employees, whose mission is to provide access to affordable healthcare services, savings and credit opportunities, and education on livelihood programs that would ultimately uplift and improve the economic well-being of the members, their families and beneficiaries / dependents.

Founded in September 28, 1998, the Foundation’s first project was to initiate, operate and manage the healthcare program for DAR Employees that was provided by various private Health Maintenance Organizations in the previous years. Being a pioneering idea in the government sector it would entail considerable amount of resources to bring its programs objectives to reality. And such was not an easy task to perform to adhere its goals, through obstacles and trials in the lifeline of the organization was successfully overcome by the founders.  Hence, the members are assured of the various services of the foundation.


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